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The facts


Cellulite is an inflammation of the tissue affecting around 90% of women. It has multiple causes such as unhealthy lifestyle, poor circulation, hormones and genetics. Cellulite occurs when detoxification is prevented: underlying fat deposits and toxins stagnate and are no longer properly evacuated through the lymph system.


The blood and lymph system acts as the body’s cleanser. If it’s obstructed, it will hinder circulation and lead to water retention and heavy legs pain. The fat and toxins accumulate it will prevent a good oxygenation and form cellulite, increasing tiredness and mood swings.

Over time, the cellulite is ingrained in the deep layers of the dermis and the tissue become solid.


The fat deposits have to be broken down while the body’s flows need to be enhanced so that detoxification can drain toxins and fat through the lymph system.


Pauline de Jessey’s Remodelling Method is the most efficient and most comprehensive solution to treat the causes of cellulite and get rid of it for good.