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The result of a life-changing journey


Pauline de Jessey’s Bespoke Remodelling Method is the result of a life changing journey and a passion for women well-being.


After ten years working in financial markets for BNP Paribas, the passionate Parisian Pauline de Jessey embarked on a major life change in 2012. She felt the urge to focus on her deep aspirations and studied Jason Crandell’s renowned Yoga method (Power, Precision and Mindfulness) to become a registered Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

Education & Experience

While in Paris, Pauline continued her personal development journey and was trained by Martine de Richeville, the well-established French pioneer in Slimming Therapy, creator of the Remodelage Technique. After a few years of practice, Pauline became interested in digestion issues and detoxification. She thus undertook a specialised training in Dietetics with Fabienne Theodoloz, food biochemist and founder of the efficient Libre Forme 8 programme. She also followed a specific course on Asian abdominal massages and took a degree in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Body Massage at the ITEC. These in-depth studies and trainings revealed Pauline her true calling: to dedicate herself to women well-being


Pauline strongly believes in the benefits of meditation and relaxation to regain power over our stressful lives. Her studies in Anatomy, Dietetics and Yoga have also confirmed her initial intuition that an efficient detoxification paired with a good blood and lymph flow are the key to reclaim control of our body. Improving the flows is the only way to lift the body, to restore its own original figure and hence to lift the soul as the body is no longer a concern but an asset for a healthy life.


Pauline de Jessey thus developed her own “French” Remodelling technique, blending in Yoga’s philosophy and art of stretching along with her specialisation in abdominal massage with the aim to offer women a comprehensive bespoke slimming solution. Mother or three young children and living in London, Pauline understands well the needs, aspirations and challenges faced every day by women in our contemporary world.

Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe

has an effect on our state of well-being.