A global and natural
slimming technique

Anti-cellulite – Anti-toxin

A manual treatment to boost your body’s detoxification process

Feel light and energised


Our technique is an innovative anti-aging and anti-cellulite manual technique for a better health.
Pauline de Jessey uses a deep manipulation to increase blood circulation and lymph flow, and improve metabolisation of the three components of pockets of cellulite: toxins, water and fat.


Why is it different?

The unique technique is based on a specific hand movement which does not stress the tissue and can be adapted to every type of cellulite. The specificity is also based on the protocol that follows energetic pathways and focuses on very specific congested areas: knees, stomach, upper arms, hips…


What you can expect?

After the first session, your energy levels will raise, you will feel lighter and more flexible.
Although the results will vary depending on your specific profile, you can expect as a baseline a real improvement on existing cellulite, a better digestion and reduced bloating.


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