Manual body sculpting by Pauline de Jessey


Pauline’s 10 year experience brings a unique and innovative approach to beauty and slimming.

Her intuition and unquestionable dedication to her clients offers a bespoke service that goes far beyond the treatment room.

Pauline's manual technique combines deep fat deposit massage and targeted stretching to bring fluidity, release congested tissue and restore the natural shape of the body.

A figure representing the different aspects of the approach


Immediate benefits

  • Gives a sensation of relief and lightness
  • Improves the digestive system
  • Boosts blood and lymph circulation
  • Drains toxins
  • Enhances flexibility and body awareness

Long-term benefits

  • Slims the body for good and gets cellulite under control
  • Deeply relaxes and grounds the body
  • Enhances resistance to stress and fatigue
  • Boosts the metabolism and ability of the body to detoxify itself
  • Leaves the body feeling and looking good


Pauline works at KX Life, 151 Draycott Avenue London SW3 3AL - open to non members

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Pauline de Jessey's portrait