A global and natural slimming technique

Enhance movemet and flexibility – reshape your silhouette – reduce cellulite and bloating

Tune in with your emotions and start to reap the benefits of a healthy mind/body/spirit connection

Feel light and energised

Our technique is a remodelling massage and lymphatic drainage to reshape and detox your body combined with a Chinese abdominal massage (tchi nei tsang) to boost your digestion and release emotional blockages.

You feel lighter and you look slimmer. You feel more flexible and muscle tension are released. After a few sessions, cellulite and water retention is reduced.

Each part of your body awakes making you feel more aligned and connected to your feelings.


Why is it different?

The hand movement is unique to release tension and blockages in the fat tissue without pulling and damaging the skin. The protocol touches every specific congested areas like knees, stomach, upper arms, thigh, hips.

Blood and lymphatic circulation can flow again to cleanse and oxygenate the tissue.

The abdominal massage boost elimination and reduce bloating. We treat each organ of the digestion (liver, stomach, kidney, intestine) to release emotional and digestive blockages.

Once you feel lighter and your Energy circulates, you are capable to move forward with more clarity, alignment, joy and purpose!


What can you expect?

After the first session, you feel lighter and more flexible. You look slimmer and your energy levels will raise.
After a few sessions on the physical level, your digestion improves, cellulite and water retention is reduced and .

On an emotional level, you feel more connected to your feelings and start to reap the benefits of a healthy mind/body/spirit connection.

With a course of treatment, we will teach you how to develop a new relationship with your body for a long term balanced and healthy lifestyle.


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Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe

has an effect on our state of well-being.