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The Deep Tissue Manipulation


The first consultation will start with a full assessment of your health history, concerns and objectives.


Understanding the emotional blockages and body trauma is crucial for Pauline to design your made-to-measure slimming plan. Indeed pregnancy, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), food allergies and intolerances, permeability to stress and long-term hormonal treatments can affect the body’s blood and lymph flow and create areas where toxins stagnate and turn into fat deposits.

After this discussion, Pauline uses her expertise, intuition and strong experience to evaluate the nature of your cellulite and assess congested areas.

Based on a specific protocol that follows energetic pathways, a first deep body manipulation will start to open up circulation and liberate energy.

Then a specific movement will be adapted to each congested area such as knees, stomach, upper arms or hips to release them.

At the end of this intense body treatment, blockages will be lifted allowing blood and lymph circulations to improve significantly. This regained fluid circulation will enable the detoxification to occur and start the evacuation of fat deposits. Cellulite can be visibly reduced after only one session.


The digestive system is key and will also be part of the protocol. Pauline uses her knowledge in Chi Nei Tsang to unblock digestion and regulate transit.